Water Resources Division

  1. Stormwater Section

    The Stormwater section maintains any structure or feature that carries stormwater from where rain reaches the ground to a specific body of water, including street gutters, curb inlets, pipes/culverts, detention ponds, ditches, streams, rivers, and lakes.

  2. Streets Section

    The Streets section is responsible for maintaining 117 miles of paved streets, 1.43 miles of dirt streets, more than 30 miles of ditches, and 63 miles of storm drain pipe throughout the City.

  3. Water Operations Section

    The Water Operations section provides all maintenance and repairs needed for our water distribution system and wastewater collection system.

  4. Water Production Section

    The Water Production section is responsible for providing City of Kinston customers with safe drinking water.

  5. Water Reclamation Section

    The Kinston Regional Water Reclamation Facility plant is a fully automated treatment facility for the 21st century. Wastewater treatment has truly become state of the art.