1. 811 "One Call" Utility Locates

    North Carolina 811, Inc. provides information you need about the location of utility lines – underground and overhead – that could save you time and keep you safe.

  2. Annual Reports

    Find printable annual reports from the City.

  3. Bid Advertisements & Bid Tabs

    Keep up to date with current bids the City has made available.

  4. Calendar of Events

    Learn about the events happening with the Public Services Department.

  5. Current Fees & Rates

    Find printable schedule of utility fees and charges.

  6. ElectriCities

    ElectriCities is a membership organization including public power communities in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

  7. Frequently Asked Questions

    Find frequently asked questions for this department.

  8. Holiday Schedules

    The City of Kinston and Kinston Public Services will observe the following holidays.

  9. Neuse Regional Sewer & Water Authority (NRWASA)

    This is a task force to evaluate and ensure their water capabilities would serve its citizens and industries adequately for the long-term.

  10. Ordinances, Plans & Policies

    View the city's codes regarding business offices, sewer and stormwater.

  11. Service Maps

    Find JPEG maps of various service areas.

  12. Surplus Property & Equipment Disposal

    The City of Kinston and Kinston Public Services uses several different outlets for the disposal of surplus property and equipment, such as vehicles and tools. They include online auctions, onsite auctions, and private sales.

  13. Tips To Lower Your Utility Bill

    Find printable documents and information on how to keep water and electricity costs low.

  14. Items of Interest

    Recent news or upcoming events easily located in one place.

  15. Current & Recent Projects

    A list of Kinston Public Services Current & Recent Projects.