Department Overview

  1. 24-Hour Customer Service

    Citizens may get answers to questions about City of Kinston services at any time by calling our 24 Hour Customer Service.

  2. About Us

    The City of Kinston's Department of Public Services provides a wide array of services to citizens, including solid waste collection, electricity, water, sewer, and cemetery management.

  3. Advisory Groups

    Kinston Public Services receives direction and advice from the City of Kinston City Council and Utilities Advisory Commission.

  4. Awards

    The Department of Public Services has received numerous awards and accolades for performance, safety, and customer service.

  5. Divisions & Sections

    Kinston Public Services is composed of the following divisions and sections.

  6. Administration

    Administration in Kinston Public Services Department

  7. Employee Email Access

    Employees can use this link to check their work email from remote locations.

  8. Forms

    Access forms pertaining to public services.

  9. Staff Directory

    Find contact information for all members of the Public Services Department.